The Count AmountTM

To Begin With

We had the name, we just didn't have the game...yet. We liked the name and the way it rhymed. Easy to remember. So I was sitting there one day looking at the name and wondering what sort of game it would describe. The word Count seemed to indicate the game would involve numbers. The word Amount seemed to indicate a total from sets of numbers. And there it was. Kind of obvious.

Key Elements

However the game was going to come together there were a few key elements that had to be addressed. First, it had to be fun to play. Who is going to play a game that isn't fun? Since we are known for making family games it needed to work for the grownups as well as for the kids. Since it was about numbers it would need to work as practice for what the kids were learning in school.

Even More

We started out adding numbers together. We tried it out that way and it worked pretty good. Then we thought about including subtraction into the process. Tried that out with our 9 year old granddaughter and her mother and it worked just fine. At that point it became obvious to add a multiplication deck. So we did. It does get interesting. There are 3 different decks now.

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